What Makes Beluga Whale Eggs So Valuable As Caviar

Caviar, which is derived from the Persian word Khaviar meaning “bearing eggs”, is the roe of any one of several species of sturgeon. These sturgeons are broke down into three main types of caviar, the first being beluga which considered to be the best caviar available as well as the most rare. , This is mainly due to the rapid depletion of the beluga sturgeon from the Caspian Sea as well as the length of time and work required to acquire makes get these eggs the most rare caviar.You can find a quick rundown here Causes for this include to an increased amount of poaching, pollution, and over fishing. Beluga eggs are the largest eggs used for caviar. Beluga caviar comes from the female Huso, which does not bare eggs until the age of twenty-five. Beluga sturgeons can range in size from 80 to 400 pounds with the largest being nearly 2,000 pounds. Second is the Sevruga caviar, which is taken from small sturgeon that weigh about 50 pounds or under and last the Osetra rare golden caviar, which comes from the Acipenser guldenstaedti sturgeon. These sturgeons range from 40 to around 160 pounds. Most of this caviar production is done in the center of the Caspian Sea. During the turn of the century caviar was so plentiful that it was offered in Saloons and bars just as peanuts are offered today.

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