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Number One Provider of Botox in LA. I have recommended Epione to many people, including my mother. Dr. Ourian is the most efficient, kind doctor, and he administers the best Botox anywhere in the country.
I DO recommend Botox to all my friends. It definitely works!
When people say they have migraines I recommend him. The staff is so helpful. Botox does wonders for Migraine Headaches! Dr. Ourian - you're the best.
Dr. Ourian is the best at Botox! I love Epione. Also, the staff is very friendly.
Botox on the scalp is working beautifully for me. Thank you for the quality care and results of all area I have done to look and feel better. Botox in scalp - hair not falling out! Botox on crow's feet, upper lip, forehead - smooth skin.
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Recovery time:   Minutes

Result last:   3–4 Months

Pain:   0 – Mild

Cost:   $200–$300 per area

Did you know?

Epione is very proud to have been awarded Allergan's coveted Black Diamond account status. Allergan's recently established Black Diamond status is their highest level of recognition, an honor bestowed upon only the top 30 physician providers of Allergan products in the U.S. Allergan's product line includes the wrinkle-buster Botox, the dermal filler JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel and LATISSE® Solution, the only FDA approved product for growing longer and thicker eyelashes.

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* According to information provided by Allergans website

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